In this episode, we’re chatting to Dr Sean McCormack: Conservationist, Vet, and Presenter!

Graduating from Dublin vet school in 2010, Sean spent the first six years of his veterinary career in domestic, exotic pet, and zoo animal practice. In 2016, Sean left clinics to work in pet nutrition and have more time for media and wildlife conservation work.

Sean tells us about his role at and his lifelong love of nature, which began as a child turning over rocks in the garden! He explains the academic route he took to study veterinary medicine, his experience of burnout within his career, and the difficulty he had admitting to himself and others that he needed help.

Sean offers wise advice for veterinary students and graduates regarding the different pathways their careers could take and we discuss how  Ealing Wildlife Group came to be, their work to reintroduce beavers (and other species) back to Ealing and the benefits of rewilding for urban communities.

Lastly, Seans explains how to have your own Disney princess moment with robins in the garden and delivers a wonderful  60-second CPD about what to do when bats get brought into your practice 

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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