In this episode of Veterinary Ramblings, we are thrilled to welcome the distinguished Sarah Heath from Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice.

As Julian recalls his first encounter with Sarah during her tenure as a lecturer at the RVC, they embark on a journey through Sarah’s career and evolving attitudes towards companion animals.

Sarah’s passion for animal behavior and veterinary medicine unfolds, from farm holidays as a child to a pivotal lecture that changed the course of her life as a student. The importance of a multidisciplinary approach to veterinary medicine takes centre stage, along with safeguarding considerations for behavioural referrals.

Aspiring to help listeners make informed choices, Sarah provides valuable advice on finding reputable animal behaviourists and navigating the legal aspects when referring clients to non-veterinary experts. They tackle the pressing issue of online content that promotes animal mistreatment for humour, discussing ways to counteract such trends.

Sarah sheds light on the mission and focus of Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice and emphasizes the one-health approach that considers the interconnectedness of human and animal health. The conversation dives into the complexities of the Dangerous Dogs Act, highlighting its impact irrespective of dog breed.

For feline enthusiasts, Sarah unravels the intricacies of feline behaviour and emotional tendencies, sharing her insightful ‘W’ questions to decode the reasons behind certain animal behaviours.

Don’t miss Sarah’s enlightening 60-second CPD segment, where she explores “What is comprehensive veterinary care?” This sparks a discussion on the various ways animals express joy, adding depth to our understanding of animal welfare.

To conclude this captivating episode, Sarah opens up about her annual participation in the Race For Life and her profound love for Africa, offering opportunities for listeners to engage in meaningful conservation work.

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