In this episode, we sit down with Dr Shannon Emmons, a practice owner, Education Committee Co-Chair and a member of the Board of Directors for the veterinary mental health organization, Not One More Vet, Inc. Join us for a down-to-earth conversation about the realities of veterinary life and the importance of mental health awareness! 

We kick off the conversation by getting to know Shannon better, exploring the challenges she faced as a new vet and business owner amid the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shannon candidly shares her personal journey with mental health challenges and how it spurred her involvement with ‘Not One More Vet,’ a non-profit offering support to vets facing similar struggles. She also discusses the prevalent issues in the profession, like cyber harassment and communication breakdowns, underscoring the need for open conversations about mental health.

Delving into her interest in veterinary behaviour, Shannon highlights the connection between physical and mental health and shares her vision for improving well-being within the industry. The episode wraps up with a practical 60-second CPD challenge and a thought-provoking question from Shannon, aiming to spark positive change in the veterinary field.

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