This week we are joined by Dr Alick Simmons, a distinguished expert with a captivating career in animal welfare.

Dr. Simmons takes us on a journey through his fascinating experiences and the motivation behind writing his groundbreaking book, ‘Treated Like Animals: Improving The Lives Of Animals We Own, Eat And Use.’

Together, we delve into the complex concept of animal sentience and explore the intriguing ways in which various species are perceived and treated differently by society.

One of the central topics we explore is the profound impact of dietary choices on animal welfare and the planet. Dr. Simmons shares his personal approach to making ethical, informed decisions about food while acknowledging individual circumstances.

As attitudes towards animal welfare and exploitation continue to evolve, we discuss the significance of allowing animals to exhibit their natural behaviours and the strides that have been made in this direction.

Warning: This episode contains a candid conversation on animal slaughter and the contentious ventilation shutdown method. Dr. Simmons courageously addresses the complexities and decisions involved in confronting this sensitive issue.

The conversation naturally steers toward the management of diseases, including the controversial topic of badger culling to combat TB and its implications for wildlife management in the UK.

Dr. Simmons leaves us with a captivating 60-second CPD on wildlife management in the UK, prompting us to reflect on the disparities in how we treat animals and how we can extend our support to animals beyond our immediate care.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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