Russell graduated from the University of Bristol Veterinary School. He has gained the
following post-graduate qualifications: RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Orthopaedics, MSc
in Orthopaedic Engineering and RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Orthopaedics.

Russell spent four years working in Hong Kong where he established the territory’s first
orthopaedic- and spinal surgery service. He then started Alphavet Veterinary Centre and
Alphavet Referrals in South Wales, which he ran for more than two decades.

Russell currently continues to work as a referral orthopaedic surgeon in his old practice. He
is also a regional coach in the organisation’s graduate academy. His current clinical interests are multimodal osteoarthritis management and regenerative medicine. He is studying for an MSc in stem cells and regeneration at the University of Bristol.

Russell gives lectures and practical teaching to vets, vet nurses and vet physiotherapists on
subjects including orthopaedic conditions, surgery, and regenerative medicine. He is also a director (and podcast host) at the Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance!

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