This week we’re talking to Jade Statt, the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of StreetVet!

StreetVet is an award-winning UK charity that provides free accessible veterinary care to pets of people who are experiencing homelessness. Jade explains her inspiration to begin StreetVet, which started with her and a backpack and has grown into a nationwide organisation with over 300 volunteers providing care and support.

We discuss the complexities of working with vulnerable people and the logistics of running a charity of this nature. Jade answers the tricky question of if homeless people should have pets and if those pets are receiving adequate care on the street. We also discuss the difficult situation homeless people with pets face and how the veterinarians who work with them look after their mental health whilst doing such an important job. Finally, we learn why Jade became a vet and she educates us about chinchillas with her wonderful 60-Second CPD!

To learn more about StreetVet and help them, check out their website:

Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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