This week we have a blast talking with Cat The Vet! We catch up on how the pandemic has affected her as both a veterinarian and a mother. We also discuss why vets are thought to be expensive and how her family influenced her decision to join the profession. 

Cat is passionate about providing reliable sources of clinical information and veterinary advice for pet owners through her website and popular social media pages so we ask her how she deals with life online and she shares some fantastic knowledge about online resources that are useful for vets (and owners) to know about.  

If your not already familiar with Cat’s fantastic work, your children might be as she has appeared on CBBC’s The Pets Factor, a great show that follows a team of veterinary surgeons and nurses going about their day-to-day work, consulting and operating on a variety of cases whilst promoting animal welfare.  We chat about her time on television including the time she met Mr Tumble!

Cat qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol Vet School in 2003 and currently works in a small, independent small animal clinic in Sheffield. 

Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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