Most of you will be familiar with the wonderful feline expert and prolific worldwide lecturer Dr. Margie Scherk!

We were honoured to interview her this week, where we spoke about feline behaviour, handling skills and feeding techniques (including puzzle boxes!).She also spoke to us about the causes and world problems that she is most passionate about – and how she strives to reduce, reuse and repair rather than waste & buy new.

For those of you who know Margie, you’ll know that she’s a globetrotting superstar in the veterinary world. She is a Canadian private practitioner who founded the first-ever cats only Veterinary Clinic in Vancouver, has authored several papers and textbooks, served on the Board of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and was 2007 President of the organization amongst many other achievements. She’s got so many important things to say, so if you get the chance to hear her speak – make sure you take it!

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