Join us this week as we speak with Petrina Firth AKA The Pet Coach!

Petrina is a Pet Behaviourist and Dog Trainer with 15 years in the business. She is a Board Member and fully-assessed Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (no 01238) and a Registered Animal Training Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council – a regulatory body that represents animal trainers and animal behaviour therapists to both the public and legislative bodies.

We discuss Petrina’s journey with her career as a dog trainer, exploring the various training courses and qualifications she has taken to become the expert is she today.    

Petrina defines separation anxiety and shares practical knowledge about how you can solve these issues with your dog. She also dispels some myths about dog behaviour and humping.

Aside from her work with separation anxiety, we also discuss scent training dogs, working with humans and her lastest role working with a puppy training app called ‘Zigzag’ which provides puppy training lessons and additional expert support.  

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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