This week we sit down with Anita Dowe, more commonly known as The Mindful Pet Owner!

Anita is a veterinary surgeon who current works in emergency and critical care and also runs The Mindful Pet Owner – a website that focuses on training humans to be the owners their pets deserve and is passionate about educating people on responsible pet ownership including training and behaviour struggles.

We discuss her training to become a qualified animal behaviorist, how her website came to be and the impact her work does to improve pets behaviour and wellbeing. She also explains why she decided to go from general practice to ECC (after considering becoming a supermodel first). Anita share some wise advice for her 18-year old self and a 60-Second CPD which turns puppy socialisation on it’s head! Lastly, we have an important discussion about mental health within the veterinary industry, Anita’s difficult journey to achieve mental wellness and her passion for promoting this issue to the general public. 

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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