We are delighted to be joined by Darragh O’ Hanlon AKA @thetopicalvet on Instagram!

From a young age, Darragh was exposed to the life of a veterinary surgeon, following his grandmother on calls to animals large and small around the midlands of Ireland.

Darragh first graduated with an international degree in languages, then qualified from University College Dublin as a veterinarian. Initially, Darragh worked in academic practice as an intern in small animal medicine in a tertiary referral hospital. He then worked in a busy small animal hospital in the UK, before returning back to Dublin, Ireland to continue to work in small animal practice.

Darragh briefly practiced regulatory medicine with the medicines regulator, practicing evidence-based medicine to a high level. Darragh now works in a busy first opinion/referral hospital in Dublin, Nutgrove Veterinary Hospital.

Darragh became an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in 2021, and was awarded a Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology in 2022. Darragh enjoys all things dermatology, from ears to anal glands, with a special interest in allergies. Darragh accepts dermatology referrals from all over Ireland. In his spare time, Darragh enjoys family life and is an avid Munster rugby fan!

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