Dr Mike Davies graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, in 1976. He owned his own veterinary practice for more than 11 years and has worked in academia and in the pet food and pharmaceutical industries.

Mike has postgraduate Certificates in Veterinary Radiology and Small Animal Orthopaedics and a Diploma in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition. He published one of the first books on Veterinary Geriatrics and has also published numerous papers.

Mike is an RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition and has always been a very active member of the BSAVA, attending his first Congress when he was a student in the 1970s.

We find out how Mike’s upbringing influenced his decision to become a vet and how one lecture changed the trajectory of his career from zoology to nutrition. Mike obtained his fellowship for the RCVS, despite being examined by his competitors and doing a very tricky exam (not for the reasons you may think!)

As Mike has had a long career, we discuss the benefits of working in the veterinary practice, how the profession has changed over the years and the problems we’re facing that affect the service we can provide to our clients. Mike offers up his solutions to the problems our industry is facing and delivers a fantastic 60 Second CPD entitled ‘Lack Of Knowledge About Clinical Nutrition In Veterinary Practice’

We then reflect on how we assess the nutrition of our pregnant pets and discuss how nutrition deficiency creates unexpected problems for our client’s pets. Lastly, we discuss the guidelines for ‘complete’ pet food and the consequences for other animals, and humans, when people chose a raw food diet for their pets.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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