Join us as we sit down with the wonderful Caroline Murray, an international veterinary locum and adventure traveller who is also known as The Wilderness Vet!

We begin our conversation by discussing Caroline’s adventures in Mongolia and the action-packed, yet surprisingly modern lives of the nomadic people she travelled with.

Caroline tells us which careers she considered before she decided to become a veterinarian and how she was fortunate enough to take part in a research scholarship which developed her wanderlust.

Caroline is such a positive person, however, things haven’t always been that way. Her research into NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) changed her life after she faced a lot of adversities regarding her health and wellness. She summarises the alternative pain management methods that can help you in this week’s 60 Second CPD: Pain & The Brain.

Lastly, Caroline tells us about her time working with chimpanzees, and the unintended (hilarious) effect that had when working with more traditional patients and we spent some time discussing one of her favourite charities: Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee.

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