Join us as we chat with Laura Jones RVN about her life as a veterinary nurse, her hobbies, and her passion for internal medicine.

Laura shares her journey to becoming a veterinary nurse and the importance of nurses to the veterinary team and client relations. Outside of work, Laura is an adrenaline junkie who loves to drag race and explains what this courageous hobby involves and how it helps her switch off from work.

We also delve into the impact of the pandemic on the veterinary industry and client expectations. Laura tells us about how she accidentally ventured into internal medicine and how it has become her niche. She shares her different responsibilities and how they contribute to providing quality care for pets.

We pose a difficult question to Laura: what does the quality of life mean and how does it differ between clients and their pets? Laura provides insightful answers and highlights the need for both clients and practitioners to improve their perception of veterinary nursing.

In addition, Laura takes on our 60-second CPD challenge and delivers a fantastic run-down of the six things you need to do during nurse clinics for chronic disease patients. She also asks us to reflect on the circumstances that could be behind difficult behaviour between colleagues and clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about Laura and her work, head over to her website

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