This week we’re joined by Darragh O’ Hanlon (@thetopicalvet), an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner and Veterinary Dermatologist. He enjoys all things dermatology, from ears to anal glands, with a special interest in allergies.

Darragh describes his journey from an arts degree to veterinary medicine and how his grandmother inspired him to pursue this career.

We discuss the impacts Brexit has had on Irish citizens regarding pet passports and a genuine attempt to float Ireland to sunnier shores!

Darragh explains the three different types of communication we can experience when talking with clients and shares his experiences of working in the UK (and how he discovered the word chav!)

We talk about the NHS’s impact on the perception of the price of pet care, the difficulties new graduates may face due to the lack of mentorship and how the industry has changed over the years.

Darragh talks about the turning point that steered his interest in dermatology and shares some very successful dermatology cases he has worked on. 

Lastly, Darragh delivers a fantastic 60-Second CPD about acral lick dermatitis and shares his advice for new graduates in this week’s reflection question.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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