This week we’re joined by Toby Trimble, an RCVS and ECVAA Specialist in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia, award-winning speaker and founder of Trimble Group (previously Trimble Productions).

We begin this week’s episode at the start of Toby’s journey, from a child struggling with dyslexia to a teenager with no GCSEs or A-levels, overcoming adversity to enter the veterinary profession.  He explains how, despite his unconventional application, he thrived at Nottingham vet school and went on to become an Associate Professor.

We’ve all felt a little uninspired at webinars, so Toby offers up his advice for presenting better and how his company, Trimble Group, aims to change the CPD game. We wonder what Toby would say to his younger self, discuss the impact of neurodiversity, and the importance of embracing your differences.

As someone who has gone on to pass many difficult exams, Toby shares his tips and tricks for exam preparation and clear thinking under pressure, delivering an excellent 60-Second CPD about teaching, which leads us to reflect on the value of storytelling in regard to audience retention.

With his team, Toby has created nearly 700 CPD lessons and online CPD broadcasts and runs the Future of Education events which are attended by academics and science communications around the world. To learn more from the Trimble Group, head over to their website (

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