We’re delighted to be joined by award-winning writer and former BSAVA President Professor Ian Ramsey. 

Join us as we delve into the pivotal moments that shaped Ian’s career and explore the evolving landscape of veterinary education and practice.

The episode commences with Ian recounting his early passion for veterinary science, sparked by a biology homework assignment. We learn how this childhood fascination paved the way for his decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and ultimately shape the next generation of aspiring veterinarians.

He divulges how a transformative case report led him on an unexpected path towards academia, where he discovered his true calling as a professor. We also gain insights into his award-winning paper on TSH, a significant milestone in his academic journey.

Ian shares his thoughts on why everyone tends to experience bouts of boredom with their job, the profound impact of the pandemic on career perceptions and how it has created ripples of change for the upcoming generation of veterinarians.

Our conversation then delves into the realm of education, where Ian sheds light on how universities stay ahead of the curve in teaching methods to ensure students receive the best education possible. We discuss the merits of different formats such as live and pre-recorded sessions, considering their effects on attention spans and overall learning outcomes.

In our 60-Second CPD, we delve into the intriguing topic of fever, exploring the distinctions between hyperthermia and pyrexia. Ian raises thought-provoking questions about whether veterinarians should continue to treat fever in patients as we traditionally do.

Lastly, we learn how Ian is fighting the battle against antimicrobial resistance and explore the significance of following protocols and guidelines, and the potential impact on patient care and outcomes.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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