To celebrate the festive season, Julian Hoad interviews Mike Brampton who provides a compelling account of his life as an Arctic explorer, guide and wildlife photographer.

From learning to drive powerboats to navigating the unpredictable waters and ice flows of the Arctic in search of polar bears, Mike shares captivating tales about his journey, his responsibilities, and the mesmerising natural phenomena he encounters. He delves into the challenges of balancing his duties towards guests, wildlife, and nature; the specifics of his routine in Arctic expeditions; and the future of ecotourism amid changing Arctic landscapes due to climate change. The discussion concludes with Mike’s future plans, which potentially include an expedition to Antarctica.

To see Mike’s stunning photos, head over to his instagram @mikebrampton

Mike will be guiding from next year, and if you would like to join him, you can sign up to his email list for updates on upcoming expeditions here: 

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