Episode 107: In the Arctic with Mike Brampton

To celebrate the festive season, Julian Hoad interviews Mike Brampton who provides a compelling account of his life as an Arctic explorer, guide and wildlife photographer. From learning to drive powerboats to navigating the unpredictable waters and ice flows of the Arctic in search of polar bears, Mike shares captivating tales about his journey, his […]

Special Episode: Learn About Mike Brampton

This week we have a very special episode exploring the life of our co-host Mike Brampton! (We’ve spent so much time interviewing others that we thought it was about time you got to know our hosts on the same level – tune in next week for Julian’s episode!) Mike had planned to be a few […]

Christmas Ramblings With Mike Brampton And Julian Hoad

Join us for our Christmas ramblings as we spread some festive cheer for the end of the year. We share our differing opinions on Christmas and Julian recalls a rather embarrassing experience of working on-call on Christmas Day.  Our special episode wouldn’t be complete without a lot of festive dad jokes and a double whammy […]

Random Ramblings With Mike Brampton & Julian Hoad

Join us for a bit of a giggle with our (very random) season finale with Mike & Julian! This episode is full of random ramblings about sunglasses, fungal infections and all kinds of accidents they’ve encountered. We also wonder what would happen if politicians were to do satnav voices! Finally, we finish off the season […]

Veterinary Ramblings Is 1 Years Old! (Short Episode)

This week Veterinary Ramblings has turned one year old! We’ll be back next week with more wonderful, fascinating guests, but in the meantime, sit down with us for 10 minutes as we reflect on the year gone by.  From the bottom of our gin-filled hearts, thank you to each and every one of you who […]

You Can’t Eat Money With Mike Brampton And Julian Hoad

This week we’re talking treats – specifically, the ones that Julian won’t eat due to ethical concerns over palm oil and it’s effects on the rainforest. We also talk about how the knock-on effects of COVID have caused national shortages of one of Mike’s favourite treats (Marmite) and how drinking british beer could potentially help […]

Special Episode: Covid & Caca with Mike, Julian and BoJo

Join us for a very special episode all about poo!(We promise it’s not quite as silly as it sounds, you may learn a thing or two…) In this episode, we cover pretty much everything from gorillas, wombats and hippos to unusual coffee, drunken cooks and thought-provoking short stories. P.S. We talk about COVID for a […]

Mythos & Mushrooms with Georgie Hollis

Georgie Hollis returns to Veterinary Ramblings this week to host an episode whilst Mike is on holiday!  We discuss Greek myth and history, as well as the uses and dangers of mushroom foraging. We also talk about natural sources to dye material that you might be able to find in your garden! Guest Profiles and […]

Special Episode: Mike and Julian Discuss Foraging and Animal Welfare

Join us this week for a very special episode where Mike And Julian go deep on animal welfare and environmental issues that they feel particularly passionate about – Badger culls vs vaccinations, shark fins and legal loopholes, mycoremediation and recycling anaesthetic gases from surgery! Guest Profiles and Useful Links Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate AUDIO […]

Mike Brampton

Mike Brampton is an Anaesthetic Specialist and founded Thames Medical, a leading supplier of Anaesthetic Monitoring Equipment for Veterinary Medicine in the UK. Mike founded Thames Medical in 1993 after working across the world with a variety of species. He’s got a few patents to his name and is interested in Capnography, Anaesthetics, Photography, Cycling […]

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