In this weeks episode, Julian and Mike are joined by Angie and Jules, two women with a combined experience of 65 years in ultrasound, now focused on enhancing ultrasound skills within the veterinary field. 

Starting with a light-hearted discussion about their favourite bread, the conversation quickly shifts to the serious topic of veterinary ultrasound diagnostics. Angie, a former radiographer turned ultrasound specialist, shares her journey from human to veterinary sonography, emphasizing the vast differences and challenges between the two fields. Jules talks about being drawn out of retirement to elevate standards and training in veterinary ultrasound, motivated by the glaring absence of standardized practices in primary care. 

They discuss the pressing need for proper training and mentorship for veterinarians, the potential risks of inadequate ultrasound diagnostics, and their efforts to provide comprehensive online and mentor-led training programs. Their mission is to ensure vets can confidently diagnose and treat animals, mirroring the rigour and standards found in human medicine. The conversation also touches on their personal stories, challenges, and a memorable adventure in Sri Lanka, underlining their passion for their work and the veterinary community.

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