Angie Lloyd-Jones DCR DMU is CEO and founder of Aspire UCS Ltd, mother of three, wife, animal lover and complete ultrasound geek!

She is an advanced ultrasound practitioner in both Diagnostic Medical and Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound, with 35 years of dedicated clinical ultrasound experience. She has had plentiful and varied roles in her career including senior managerial service development, senior lecturer positions for multiple university ultrasound programmes as well as developing both external and internal clinical ultrasound training programmes within both the medical and veterinary professions.

 She has a keen interest in clinical governance, ultrasound clinical and training standards. With enviable experience and working knowledge of NHS, Private Medical and Specialist Veterinary sectors, Angie was even employed to train and support the rollout of the Public Health Wales Welsh Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme (WAAASP).

In 2016, when Angie started working in the veterinary profession, she realised the need for small animal veterinary ultrasound standards and set about writing these. She approached the British Medical Ultrasound Society who agreed to support her endeavours and the ‘Small Animal Veterinary Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practice’ was published in December 2022, endorsed by ECVDI.

Angie and Jules have a shared passion and experience in the delivery, design and implementation of clinical ultrasound training programmes, service review, clinical governance, and internal and external audit frameworks, they have found themselves wanting to support Veterinary ultrasound users to become more confident and competent to work safely and effectively within their clinical field. They want to bring the lessons learnt from the medical profession into the veterinary profession and encourage veterinary practitioners to deliver high-quality scans, improve diagnostic patient outcomes and establish business models which sustain an efficient ultrasound service and development.

Angie describes herself as having a practical, no-frills approach to teaching and mentoring ultrasound, with what might be seen by some as a quirky but personable style. She believes that learning ultrasound should be enjoyable, and she would like to convince the powers that be in the Veterinary profession that it is time to review the historic and somewhat ineffective way in which this highly operator-dependent form of imaging is taught.

Outside of work, Angie is passionate about all things dogs and horses, as well as paddleboarding and coastal walks. She is awaiting her adopted one-eyed street dog from Sri Lanka any time soon!

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