In this episode, Craig Tessyman, a nurse team leader for the exotics department at Rutland House, joins Julian and Mike to discuss his recent endeavours and developments in the field of veterinary nursing, particularly in exotic animal care. 

He highlights his team’s use of the Adaptix 3D x-ray machine, which has revolutionized diagnostics with its ability to provide detailed, sliced 3D images, helping in the treatment of various animals, including exotics like bearded dragons and bats. Craig also touches upon his achievements in veterinary nursing education and his involvement in legislative efforts to protect the title and profession of veterinary nurses. 

Moreover, the conversation spans into Craig’s engagement with BVNA, including podcasts aimed at elevating the profession. The episode is packed with insights into exotic animal care advancements, the significance of continuous learning, and efforts to safeguard the veterinary nursing profession.

This episode is sponsored by Adaptix. To learn more about how they can revolutionise your practice head over to!

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