Matt Rendle (RVN) is back on Veterinary Ramblings!

We discuss his ongoing projects with Wildlife Vets International & WAPCA (West African Primate Conservation Action) in Ghana, working with Mangabeys with a view to putting them back in the wild whilst also helping with a challenge facing sea turtles.

Matt tells us about preventing Malaria and the best way to make sure you stay rested when working abroad. He also shares how a special teacher and supportive family helped him through a difficult time and set him on the path of veterinary nursing.

What exactly is a mangabey? Find out in Matt’s 60-Second CPD and have a giggle at some of the antics they get up to.

Head Nurse at Tari Vets and a Conservation Veterinary Nurse at Wildlife Vets International, Matt has a phenomenal amount of experience with many species across the world.

Matt regularly lectures to veterinary nursing and veterinary surgeon undergraduates at the RVC, as well as many other organisations in the UK and abroad.

He’s also the chair and co-founder of the Association of Zoo and Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), completed a three-year term on the British Veterinary Nursing Association Council and been featured in many publications.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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