Matthew Rendle RVN



Matt is Head Nurse at Tari Vets and a Conservation Veterinary Nurse at Wildlife Vets International.

He has had a phenomenal amount of experience with many species across the world and is a keen herpetoculturist, breeding many species of reptiles and amphibians over the years and getting involved in several conservation projects to protect them.

Matt regularly lectures to veterinary nursing and veterinary surgeon undergraduates at the RVC, as well as many other organisations, and has lectured on a range of herpetological subjects in the UK and abroad.

He’s also the chair and co-founder of the Association of Zoo and Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), completed a three-year term on the British Veterinary Nursing Association Council and been featured in many publications

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You may have heard us mention these types of animals on Veterinary Ramblings before: they include hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and many other small furry friends – often called ‘exotic’.

But why do we call them exotic? Is this term really accurate? And what does it mean for owners of these animals?

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