Join us as we chat with the awesome Ruth Greenhill, an ECC veterinary night nurse at a busy 24hr hospital in central London. Maintaining a good work-life balance is important to her and she has many fascinating hobbies and passions outside the veterinary world.

Ruth talks to us about how she uses night-shift work to achieve a better work-life balance and helps her find time for all of her eclectic hobbies. Ruth is an avid snorkeller and at the time of recording was due to complete a scuba diving qualification the very next day. We discuss the differences in dead space between snorkels and anaesthetic equipment.

Ruth is an amazing ballerina and uses dance to keep her grounded and to blow off steam both in and outside of work. Ruth recalls how she nearly became a professional ballerina – but after a work placement with a veterinary surgeon, decided that she would much rather work in veterinary medicine.

Finally, we quiz Ruth on her diving signals and she delivers an awesome 60-second CPD about how to overcome exam nerves.

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