This week we’re chatting with Lacey Pitcher, an RVN who has travelled the world and enjoyed a varied career across GP, OOH, Referral and charity medicine.

We begin this week’s show with the most important question, what is her favourite type of bread? Lacey then explains how cheese influenced her to buy her house!

She shares her love of travelling and how her veterinary passport helped her to travel the world. We discuss the strength of the veterinary community and she explains why she set up Veterinary Pay It Forward to show her appreciation for her colleagues and support their mental health. We also talk about brachycephalics and Lacey tells us how she thinks people should deal with their treatment.

We learn about what neurodiversity is and how it affects people, and Lacey uses her own experience to summarise these points in her 60-Second CPD. She also talks to us about Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify and how it helps people to stay in the veterinary profession and have a fulfilling career. Lastly, we discuss the Mind Matters Initiative and close the show with a reflection question from Lacey.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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