Laura is a Companion Animal Veterinary Surgeon who is taking a sabbatical for 6 months to ride around the world with her husband on a tandem bicycle in an attempt to break the Guinness World record, covering 18,000miles in 180days. On their way, they are raising money for VetLife, Mind and Sustrans! You can follow them online from their website at

We ask why she wants to attempt such a huge challenge and find out how she has trained and prepared for her journey to circumnavigate the world! We also discuss other cyclists who have broken records and the difficulty of attempting this challenge without a team to support you on your way.

Laura loves type-two fun, and we were thrilled to learn about the four different (albeit confusing) types of fun you can have.

Lastly, we appreciate the parallels between a career in veterinary medicine and long-distance cycling and Laura shares her fantastic 60-second CPD: Tips For Ultra-Endurance Athletes and Veterinary Professionals.

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