This week our guest is Jamil Dowling!

Joining us from Armenia, Jamil talks us through his unique childhood growing up in the jungles of South America, fighting crocodiles and befriending baby animals, before living on a nature reserve with his mother in Spain.

A student of life, we discuss his unusual education, from taking his GCSEs and A-levels in an extraordinarily short space of time, to balancing his life as a student with his desire to travel and learn in the field.

We also discuss the intricacies of testing for TB, the global response to coronavirus in comparison to other deadly diseases and Jamil’s love of climbing which led to him being supported by Montane.

Lastly, we ask Jamil what he plans to do after his graduation and he shares a fantastic 60-second CPD with us that is all about trusting your gut and following your instincts.

Guest Profiles and Useful Links

Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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