This week our ramblings are not of a veterinary nature as we are sitting down with the awe-inspiring Marny Cringle to hear about her incredible story of surviving and thriving against the odds. We also discuss her success in wheelchair tennis, her love of playing the violin, our experiences with Australian wildlife and much more!

‘Marny Cringle was living the dream. At 26 she was travelling the world, making a living as a registered nurse in London and playing the violin for the Fulham Symphony Orchestra. She was fit and active, playing tennis, running and swimming. On the first of December 1996 things changed completely. On a typical Sunday evening in London Marny waited with a friend on an underground station platform, just like thousands of people do every evening. A tube train sped past the platform and in a split second Marny was under the train and being dragged along. Marny’s leg was torn off, her head was smashed like an eggshell, her eyes had popped out of their sockets, five discs in her back were broken, part of her brain was missing (and what was left was partially exposed), and both of her lungs had collapsed and were filled with blood. These are just some of Marny’s injuries. Having been working as a trauma nurse, Marny was now in a trauma ward. Unconscious, and with virtually no chance of survival, today Marny is living a new dream. She is living an independent life, working again as a registered nurse and walking on two legs – albeit one of them is a bionic leg.’

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