As the Director of ESU Medical Solutions, Periwinkle Kaur is driven by a passion to revolutionize the veterinary and private healthcare industries through innovative products and creative problem-solving. With a Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery and a Master’s in Business Administration, Periwinkle has equipped herself with a diverse skill set to drive transformative change. Guided by the unwavering support of her family, the blessings of her grandmother, and her deep-rooted faith, she is dedicated to making meaningful contributions to society. By embodying the teachings of Guru Nanak, she strives to inspire and support the community through hard work, gratitude, and humility. With determination and commitment to excellence, Periwinkle is focused on making a lasting impact in the healthcare industry and beyond.

She holds dear a powerful quote imparted to her by her mother during the pinnacle of her career: “A tree that bears maximum fruits is inclined towards the ground.” This sentiment serves as a constant reminder to remain grounded and humble, regardless of the heights achieved on the ladder of success. Her aim is to revolutionize the veterinary sector and bridge the gap within the healthcare sector through creativity.

Periwinkle is passionate about innovating products like adapters for Electrosurgical Units and for veterinary surgery and providing an all-in-one solution in terms of servicing and repairs, regardless of make and model, to all the practices that have no support from elsewhere. She humbly requests everyone to join her by letting her know the problems they face on the surgical side, whether they have a new product idea in mind or face issues with existing ones, and she will do her best to address them.

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