Ep 94: Veterinary Dermatology With Dr Darragh O’ Hanlon AKA @thetopicalvet

Darragh O' Hanlon Veterinary Ramblings

This week we’re joined by Darragh O’ Hanlon (@thetopicalvet), an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner and Veterinary Dermatologist. He enjoys all things dermatology, from ears to anal glands, with a special interest in allergies. Darragh describes his journey from an arts degree to veterinary medicine and how his grandmother inspired him to pursue this career. We discuss […]

Darragh O’ Hanlon

Veterinary Ramblings: Darragh O' Hanlon

We are delighted to be joined by Darragh O’ Hanlon AKA @thetopicalvet on Instagram! From a young age, Darragh was exposed to the life of a veterinary surgeon, following his grandmother on calls to animals large and small around the midlands of Ireland. Darragh first graduated with an international degree in languages, then qualified from […]

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