Dr. Shannon Emmons

Shannon is a graduate of Atlantic Veterinary Class of 2017. She is a small animal veterinarian practising in southern Maine and is the owner of Eliot Veterinary Hospital. Shannon first got involved with NOMV after her own mental health struggles and worked to start the NOMV Ambassadors Committee. She is the Education Committee Co-Chair and […]

Lacey Pitcher

Lacey originally hails from South Wales and is an RVN who trained via the diploma route. Having ricocheted through the counties and across the bridge she has enjoyed a varied career across GP, OOH, Referral and charity medicine. Embracing the portfolio career and veterinary passport, Lacey has since travelled the world using her nursing skills […]

Emily Holmes AKA EmPowering Media Services

Emily Holmes

Emily graduated with her BSc(Hons) Veterinary Nursing in 2017. After working in firstopinion small animal practice during this time, in 2018 she decided to move to a multi-disciplinary referral hospital where she found her love for anaesthesia but also how nurses can do so much more with their role and be empowered! In 2018 she […]

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