This week we’re delighted to be joined by Jacky Eyes, a retired Doctor of philosophy, human medicine nurse and current long-standing volunteer for Cats Protection.

In this episode, we dive deep into Jacky’s career, which began when she fearlessly embarked on her nurse training at the young age of 17. She takes us on a captivating journey through the various positions she held and reveals how she gracefully transitioned her career into leadership development.

Jacky opens up about her observations on how the NHS has evolved over the years and the profound impact she believes it has had on shaping people’s perceptions regarding the cost of veterinary pet care.

Retirement hasn’t slowed Jacky down one bit! As a volunteer branch coordinator for an impressive 15 years at Cats Protection, she has dedicated her time and energy to making a real difference in the lives of countless feline friends. Tune in as Jacky explains the aims of this incredible charity, the primary reasons why cats are rehomed, and how she found herself in such a pivotal role.

But that’s not all—Jacky’s responsibilities extend beyond branch coordination. She also oversees the adoption process within her branch and shares fascinating insights into how it has evolved since the pandemic hit. Want to know more about why people choose to foster cats for charity? Well, Jacky spills the beans and even offers valuable information on how you can get involved if it piques your interest.

Prepare yourself for a shocking tale of the havoc unneutered cats can wreak within a community. Jacky recounts an extreme example of what happens when things go wrong and how Cats Protection steps in to deal with such cases. Let’s just say, it involves over 50 cats creating a rather messy situation on one residential street!

You won’t want to miss Jacky’s fantastic 60-second CPD entitled ‘If there’s only one thing you know about change, make sure it’s this.’ Get ready to be inspired as she imparts valuable wisdom on understanding change and the intricate process it entails. And as a bonus, she leaves us with not one, but two thought-provoking reflective questions to ponder upon.

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