This week we are joined by the fantastic Emily Holmes AKA EmPowering RVN Media!

Emily shares her journey from wanting to be a teacher to becoming a vet nurse and her full-on university experience as she worked whilst studying, all whilst sharing words of wisdom for any potential students out there.

 We discuss what a vet nurse is, how they are a crucial part of the veterinary team and their exceptional communication skills which help clients receive better care for their pets.  Emily explains her favourite (and least favourite) aspects of her work and the difficulties of having your own poorly pet in this profession!

Lastly, we learn about how Emily’s business,  EmPowering RVN Media, developed from discussing mental health to empowering people to care for themselves and helping veterinary businesses with their social media content creation so they can take back their time. This week’s 60-Second CPD is about practising gratitude and is full of great advice which can help your mental health.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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