This week we’re chatting to Chris Wilson!

Originally from Aberdeen, Chris graduated from Glasgow Uni in 2012. We discuss how he nearly didn’t go to vet school and considered a career in competitive swimming instead!

Chris shares the difficulties he’s faced with imposter syndrome, particularly when it came to his sexuality, and some of the microaggressions he has faced at work. As a mentor for recent graduates, he shares some fantastic advice for combating imposter syndrome and practicing gratitude.

We also talk about his time working in India and the local community’s unexpected response to their kite festival’s impact on the local pigeon population. He also explains the conflicts presented by working with cows in India due to laws regarding their euthanasia.

Lastly, we learn about the unusual, and hilarious, method of removing stones and rocks from a tortoise using vibration therapy and Chris delivers a great 60-second CPD that opens up a conversation about the problem with resilience.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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