*Please note, this episode was recorded last year during coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, however, we had such a fantastic time recording this wonderful conversation with Lou that we still really want to share it with you all!*

*Lou’s views are her own and do not represent or reflect the views of the BVNA*

This week we’re thrilled to present our episode with the fantastic Lou Northway whom many of you know as Lou The Vet Nurse!

We begin this week’s episode by delving into Lou’s childhood experiences of visiting the vets, how that inspired her to become a veterinary nurse and how her weekend job developed into her lifelong career.

We discuss how the roles of a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary nurse complement each other, depend on one another and by working together, improve animal welfare for our patients. Lou shares her views on analgesia, how it could be improved by giving vet nurses more responsibility in practice and her passion for clinical auditing.

We discuss a period of huge change for Lou that took place over 2020/2021 with her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of her baby during COVID. Lou shares her experiences of being a new mother and offers advice for any veterinary nurses that are considering having a baby.

Lastly, she does an awesome 60-second CPD about quality improvement in human factors and we discuss the importance of fostering a no-blame culture in the workplace.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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