The next guest to join us is Inge Breathnach AKA The Oncology RVN (@oncologyrvn on Instagram) !

With quite a sensitive episode ahead of us, we start with the most difficult question we can… what is Inge’s favourite bread? Slightly silly questions aside, Inge explains how she got into oncology as a veterinary nurse and shares the aspects of her work that she really enjoys.

Alongside being an oncology nurse, Inge has experience as a client with a pet who has dealt with cancer treatment and uses this insight to improve her client relationships. We discuss the difference between holistic healthcare, homoeopathy and herbalism alongside the importance of proper research to make an informed decision

Inge dispels preconceptions about her job and cancer treatment for animals whilst explaining the human side of her work. We talk about the cost of oncology veterinary care and Inge gives some top tips for approaching palliative care for our pets and her advice on how to switch off from the job and establish clear boundaries in the workplace.

Lastly, Inge delivers an insightful 60-second CPD on how to ensure the quality of life for our patients and shares her reflective question which aims the change the way we treat cancer in animals.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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