Inge studied for her veterinary nurse qualification at University College Dublin, graduating in 2007. She spent 8 years working in small animal practices in Ireland and Australia, before moving to a large soft tissue and oncology practice in Surrey in 2015. Here, she developed a passion for oncology nursing.

In her role as Senior nurse clinician, she worked with an experienced and busy team, caring for both surgical and medical oncology patients. She gained her diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing from Harper Adams University in 2020, and her post-graduate certificate in Oncology from the same university in 2022. She is now working towards her VTS in Oncology.

In 2020 she moved to a position as Senior Oncology Nurse at The Ralph Veterinary Referral Hospital, a large multi-disciplinary referral practice, assisting them in setting up their Oncology referral service, which is now thriving. Inge is passionate about helping enhance the quality of life for patients with cancer, while providing support and advice for their carers in what is a difficult and emotional time.

She is also a firm advocate for veterinary nurse development and education, and enjoys sharing her oncology knowledge with others through her Instagram page @oncologyrvn. She also volunteers for StreetVet, and shares her home with a small opinionated chihuahua called Erik.

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