This week we’re chatting to Chloe Mackintosh AKA The Charity Vet Nurse!

Chloe started as a student veterinary nurse in 2016, completing all her placements at the PDSA hospital in Edinburgh while working for Vets Now in the evenings! After moving around a bit, she realised she wanted to work in the charity sector of the veterinary profession, helping people and animals who otherwise wouldn’t have access to veterinary assistance. 

Chloe was named Vet Nurse of the Year 2020 by pet charity Blue Cross and is currently the Head Nurse at the PDSA in Romford. She has just finished a BSc Top-Up degree in Veterinary Nursing and will be graduating very soon! 

We discuss Chloe’s journey to becoming a vet nurse as a mature student and how your outlook and attitude can affect your working life. She shares the positives and negatives she faces in her job within shelter medicine and offers some advice about how to cope with working with cases of animal neglect and the stresses of working in such a difficult, compassionate role. Chloe has a love of teaching both clients and colleagues and gives us a fantastic 60-Second CPD about preventative treatments in feline medicine. 

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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