This week Veterinary Ramblings is a double bill – with Bill Lambert & Bill King joining us from The Kennel Club UK / The Kennel Club Charitable Trust! 

Bill Lambert is Head of Health and Welfare at The Kennel Club (UK) and Bill King is the Chairman of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

We discuss the history of The Kennel Club (UK), how it has evolved over the years and the benefits for dog owners in joining The Kennel Club and becoming part of their canine family.

We also learn about The Kennel Club Charitable Trusts work researching diseases and improving the health of dogs, including important work they’ve done to combat the breathing problems with brachycephalic dog breeds.

One of the biggest challenges they face is with informing the general public on buying healthy puppies from good breeders – we cover how social media has changed the way they educate the public. We explore why we even need breeds and the importance of having breed standards. We also discuss how veterinarians, breeders and The Kennel Club can work together for the benefit of dogs and their owners across the UK.

Lastly, we finish this weeks episode with a double bill of 60-Second CPD: How dog breeders will help sell more goldfish than puppies & A short story about canine genetics.

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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