Bill King



Bill King has been a Trustee of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust for over 18 years and has previously served as Trustee/Governor as well as working with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Professionally, his background was primarily working in sales and marketing for the Mars Corporation (Petcare Division) He also served as trustee/Governor of Blue Cross for around six years and worked with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for a similar time.

Now a Chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, he is passionate about the health and welfare of dogs! The KCCT funds initiatives across three areas of support – Science & Research, Support & Training, and Welfare & Rescue.


Exotics or NTCAs: What should you call the ‘weird’ pets?

You may have heard us mention these types of animals on Veterinary Ramblings before: they include hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and many other small furry friends – often called ‘exotic’.

But why do we call them exotic? Is this term really accurate? And what does it mean for owners of these animals?

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