This week we are joined by Wendy Nevins RVN who has been a qualified VN for nearly 30 years!

We discuss her journey from an aspiring drama teacher to a veterinary nurse and remember the funny side of spot tests during our exams. She also shares her claim to fame with a celebrity client! 

Wendy, ever determined to qualify in veterinary nursing,  explains how her life took her from a small animal practice in Surrey to a mixed practice in North Yorkshire and then into Germany. 

We also reflect on her time working with The Webinar Vet and as the president of the BVNA, and she explains some of the things she would like to change in the veterinary industry in the future. Lastly, Wendy talks about the benefits of an ‘F it list’ and delivers a fantastic 60-Second CPD entitled ‘Speak UP & Stand Up As An RVN’.   

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Episode Transcript and CPD Certificate


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