Wendy Nevins RVN



Wendy has been a qualified VN for nearly 30 years, having worked in small animal practices and clinics (both corporate and independent), education, and industry associated private-sector businesses; with her also acting as a BVNA representative.

With the current situation acting as a catalyst towards digitalisation, she’s currently engaged in assisting an increasing number of veterinary and non-veterinary professionals in improving their online businesses via enhanced digital marketing, e-mail automation and deliverability, e-commerce e-learning at scale. Updating her CPD listing blog keeps her focussed on quality training, and her regular locuming duties also keep her active.


Exotics or NTCAs: What should you call the ‘weird’ pets?

You may have heard us mention these types of animals on Veterinary Ramblings before: they include hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and many other small furry friends – often called ‘exotic’.

But why do we call them exotic? Is this term really accurate? And what does it mean for owners of these animals?

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