Karen trained as a vet in New Zealand and practiced in both NZ and the UK for nearly 10 years while also volunteering in many more countries. She has further experience working within leading animal welfare organisations and veterinary education and remains heavily involved in animal welfare charities as an advisor, educator and trustee.

Karen has master’s degrees in applied animal behaviour and welfare, medical ethics and law, a BSc in psychology and is a resident of the European college of animal welfare and behavioural medicine. She is currently at Sussex University completing a PhD investigating the role of animal empathy in human-companion animal relationships!

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Exotics or NTCAs: What should you call the ‘weird’ pets?

You may have heard us mention these types of animals on Veterinary Ramblings before: they include hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and many other small furry friends – often called ‘exotic’.

But why do we call them exotic? Is this term really accurate? And what does it mean for owners of these animals?

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