Dr Sean McCormack is a vet, conservationaist and presenter!

Graduating from Dublin vet school in 2010, Sean spent the first six years of his veterinary career in domestic, exotic pet, and zoo animal practice. In 2016, Sean left clinics to work in pet nutrition and have more time for media and wildlife conservation work.

He hosts his own podcast, Sean’s Wild Life, writes a weekly national newspaper vet advice column and set up Ealing Wildlife Group in 2016, working closely with the local Council to safeguard and improve habitats for nature and urban wildlife species such as bats, great crested newts, hedgehogs, barn owls and peregrine falcons. With a focus on community outreach and education, he leads bat walks and volunteer habitat management days.

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Exotics or NTCAs: What should you call the ‘weird’ pets?

You may have heard us mention these types of animals on Veterinary Ramblings before: they include hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and many other small furry friends – often called ‘exotic’.

But why do we call them exotic? Is this term really accurate? And what does it mean for owners of these animals?

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