Ruth Greenhill

Ruth Greenhill

Ruth started her vet nurse training at the University of Bristol in 2013, and after taking some time out, she qualified a few years later, finishing her studies via the diploma route. Ruth has worked primarily in first opinion practices, as well as undertaking volunteering opportunities with elephants, wildlife rescues, and zoos. In the last […]

Lou Northway

Lo Northway

Lou qualified as an RVN in 2009. She has worked in various first opinion practices and a referral hospital in the UK. In practice, her main interests are quality improvement, anaesthesia, analgesia and emergency & critical care nursing. Since qualifying Lou has completed two further certificates – the Vets Now Nurses certificate in Emergency & […]

Janika Patel AKA @janikathevet

Janika is a British-Indian Vet born and raised in South London. After graduating from Nottingham Vet School, she worked in independent practice and Vets4Pets. During her career, she has developed a keen interest in ECC, internal medicine and hospital practice after working at a clinic with its own Out Of Hours service. She is currently […]

Anita Dowe (AKA The Mindful Pet Owner)

Anita is a veterinarian and animal behaviourist who currently works in emergency and critical care and also runs The Mindful Pet Owner – a website that focuses on training humans to be the owners their pets deserve and is passionate about educating people on responsible pet ownership including training and behaviour struggles. Useful Links

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