Dr Anthony (Tony) Booker



Dr. Anthony Booker is an expert in Chinese herbal medicines and medicinal plant science at the University of Westminster. He obtained his PhD at University College London in Ethnopharmacy and Pharmacognosy (2014). His research thesis focused on the value chains of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) and how different value chains can affect both the livelihoods of the producing farmers and the quality of the finished products.

During two post-doctoral projects at UCL he investigated the quality of herbal medicinal products and their ingredients. Anthony is published in a wide variety of scientific journals and books and his current research interests focus on the use of plant metabolomics and how this can be used to improve the quality of traditional medicines hereby tackling issues such as poor quality and adulteration.

He is currently senior lecturer in Chinese herbal medicine and medicinal plant science at the University of Westminster. His current PhD students are involved in a range of projects, from the quality of Chinese medicines, to the pharmacology of Echinacea, to how medicinal plants may affect mitochondrial health.

He is a member of The British Pharmacopoeia expert advisory group on Complementary and Herbal Medicines, a Member and past president of The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine, a Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry and Fellow of The Linnean Society.


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